Ground Protection Mats will save you thousands of dollars versus plywood.

Let's be frank...This estimate is on the conservative side.
We all know plywood is lucky to last more than a week or two on most construction sites.

That alone doubles the above plywood cost and we haven't even mentioned the cost of driving
back and forth to replace it (that's labor and fuel) and the hassle of disposal.
Now multiply that number by the number of crews you've got...I'll give you a second to let that sink in.....

By the time you account for 3-4 work crews, the actual usage rate of plywood, plus time and fuel
you are looking at spending $40,000-$50,000 on plywood over that time period. Those same 3-4 crews
would spend between $1,800-$2,400 by using the HDPE mats.

Look, I'm not here to tell you how to spend your money.
Maybe you hate trees or just like to watch the wood splinter and crack under the weight of machinery.
Maybe you need as many excuses to stop working and go to Home Depot as possible. The truck does have cold A/C!
Hey, seven years is a long time. That level of commitment isn't for everyone. Besides, who knows?
If you treat them right you'll have them...forever.

Whatever the reason, rest easy knowing that the lumber industry needs you and appreciates your support.

All kidding aside, I love these mats and I am confident you will too.
Some purchases--like buying a quality hammer or drill--you know you will feel good about from day one.
This is one of those purchases.

Remember, I rent too so you can try 'em before you buy 'em.